Cachôtín is a sophisticated clutch bag sewn quickly and easily.
Ideal to stylishly complement your outfits, it will also make a very lovely gift.
The integrated flap gives you the opportunity to mix, colours, textures, materials and prints:
unleash your creativity!
Carry your Cachôtín clutch by sliding your hand under the center strap.
Optional: with its removable shoulder and wrist straps, you can also choose to wear Cachôtin over
your shoulder or secured on your wrist.

Dimensions : width 25 cm (10″), height 15 cm (6″), depth 3 cm (1 1/2″).

niveau débutantBeginner

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Bag pattern available as downloadable pdf only.FAQ

Download now !

Clutches sewn by you, using the free clutch bag pattern Cachôtin.

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