Be-Bop are asymmetrical, casual sling bags for girls and boys.
The Be-Bop pattern includes 2 versions, each available in 3 sizes : that’s 6 variations in all.
Everyone will find their ideal Be-Bop !
Be-Bop is lined and the bag interior is accessed through a zipper at the back.
On the front, an outer zippered pocket offers an additional and easily accessible storage space.
Be version : feminine bag with rounded shapes, available in 3 sizes.
Bop version : a more rugged rectangular unisex bag, available in 3 sizes.
Optional : adjustable strap.

Dimensions :  Size «Original» fits a tablet, width 28 cm (11″), height 35 cm (14″). Size «Small» fits a Kindle, width 19 cm (7 1/2″), height 24 cm (9 1/2″).
Size «Mini» fits a small mobile phone, width 15 cm (6″), height 18 cm (7″).

niveau intermédiaire Intermediate 

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Bag pattern available as downloadable pdf only.FAQ

These are bags made by you, using the Be-Bop pattern.

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