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{Tutorial} Add a zippered pocket to your bag

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A zippered pocket is ideal to keep your keys safely put away in your bag. So here is a tutorial on how to add a zippered pocket to your Candy bag lining.

This pocket has to be sewn before the “Assemble the lining” step of the instructions.

To create this pocket you’ll need a 15 cm (6″) zipper.

The pattern

This is the pdf file for the pocket pattern, open it with Adobe Reader and print it without modifying the output size (‘Page Scaling : None’, or ’100%’, or ‘Full size’).

[button link=”” size=”large” color=”#7bc2b5 ” style=”download”]Zippered pocket pattern[/button]


Cut 2 pieces of fabric from the pocket pattern.

Transfer the zipper placement marking to the wrong side of one piece.


Couper 2 fois
Cut and transfer


1. Pin the pocket with the marking to a Candy lining piece, right sides together. Place it 5 cm (2″) from the top and center it widthwise.

Épingler la poche
Pin the pocket

2. Stitch right over the rectangular marking.

Coudre sur le repère rectangulaire

3. Cut inside the rectangle and through both layers along the center line and both “V” (see pattern), up to the stitching line but without cutting through it.

Ouvrir la fenêtre
Create the window

4. Push the pocket through the opening to the wrong side of the lining. Press the window edges.

Vue endroit
Right side
Vue envers
Wrong side


5. Center the opening over the zipper. Pin or baste and topstitch, with a zipper foot, 0,2 cm from the edge.

Cadrer la fenêtre autour de la fermeture à glissière
Put the window over the zipper
Surpiquer tout autour
Topstitch all around


6. On the wrong side, pin the 2nd pocket to the 1st one, right sides together. Stitch around the pocket with a 1 cm (3/8″) seam allowance.

Assembler les deux pièces de poche
Sew the pocket pieces together

[button style=”” color=”red”]Becareful ![/button] Fold the bag lining as you go to avoid catching it in the stitching line.

Bien replier la doublure pendant la couture
Fold the lining to stitch the pocket

At the “Assemble the bag to the lining” step of the instructions, this pocket will have to be against the back of the bag.

Tuto poche zippée
Zippered pocket done !

Voilà, you just added a zippered pocket to your Candy bag !

I wrote a second tutorial with an alternative method, a little more complicated but with a cleaner finish inside the pocket : {tutorial} Zippered pocket – 2.0

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