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{Complice} Wallet pattern

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Here is Complice : a wallet pattern(Complice is French for”accomplice”).

{Complice} Wallet pattern

Complice is a compact, practical and complete wallet.

Complice is designed to store everything, with 7 pockets / compartments, including a bellow-styled purse with zippered pocket, a checkbook pocket and 12 slots for credit and loyalty cards.

This pattern is an intermediate-advanced level because of the the care and precision it requires.



Vary styles with 6 possible versions !

Vary styles, and coordinate your wallet to your favorite Sacôtin bag, with the 5 variations of the flap offered in the bonus file ! These wallet variations provide you with lots of
creative options to create your customised wallet

Dimensions closed : Width 20 cm (8″), hauteur 12 cm (4 3/4″).


Wallet or mini-bag !

Slip Complice into your bag or use it as a mini-bag with its optional removable shoulder strap.

Wallet closure with snaps OR velcro.

2 video tutorials (French audio)

2 video tutorials are available to create the pleats for the card pockets and the topstichings. French audio only.

Some of your Complice wallets

These are the last wallets made by you, using the Complice wallet pattern.

View more here, on Pinterest.

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  • Compagnon Complice c
  • Compagnon Complice c
  • Compagnon Complice c
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Sacôtin patterns are always tested by several seamstresses before their release to ensure clear instructions and a perfect pattern. This is the All-Stars sewing team that tested the Complice pattern:

Thanks to CamilleCaro des Folies de Cajumy, Chantal de Chantal new styleCyrielle de Moonlight Thread, Dado de Dado Créa, Julia J., Magali de Mag’Créations, Marie d’El’En, Marion de Mes CreAJe, Nicole de L’atelier d’Au, O’Kryn de O’Kryn Prod, Sandrine de SB créations, Sophie de Epik, et Laurence de La Mercerie des Créateurs.

Thanks also  to Maria aka Velosewer for proofreading the English version of the pattern.

Buy the Complice wallet pattern

You can buy the Complice pattern in the boutique.

Necessary supplies are listed on the “supplies” tab there.

This pattern is available as a downloadable pdf only. Help page.



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