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{Cancan} Curvy zippered shoulder bag

Patron sac Cancan Sacôtin
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Do you dream of a rounded bag but are afraid of sewing curves? This clever Cancan bag pattern is for you! 

{Cancan} Curvy zippered bag

Do you dream of a rounded bag but are afraid of sewing curves?
This clever Cancan bag pattern is for you! The exterior is entirely sewn with straight lines, and you will practice sewing curves on the lining, where any small hiccups will be invisible.
If sewing curves doesn’t scare you, a variation of Cancan without pleats is included.

2 pockets in the lining : a patch pocket that can be divided and a zippered pocket.
The shoulder strap is adjustable.

The pattern includes 2 sizes: Small and Medium.

  • Cancan Small : width 25 cm (9 7/8″) x height 20 cm (7 7/8″) x depth 8 cm (3 1/8″).
  • Cancan Medium : width 30 cm (11 7/8″) x height 24 cm (9 1/2″) x depth 9.5 cm (3 3/4″).

Optional gusset embellishment

You have several possible choices for the look of the gusset (= bottom + sides). You can choose to cut the gusset and the strap base in the same fabric for a classic-chic look, or you can choose to cut the strap base in contrast fabric for a playful look.

In both cases, you can add rivets or Chicago screws for a metallic embellishment! Instructions for the addition of rivets or screws are included in the pattern.

Cancan fabric choice

For the classic version with pleats, it will be necessary to choose as a contrast fabric (for the front and back) a solid color or non-directional print (small flowers, dots, ..), light to medium weight, with a good draped: cotton, poplin, thin suede, thin velvet, … If you have any doubt about your choice, an interfaced quilting cotton will do the trick. In the different versions in pictures below, I used interfaced cotton (Liberty of London) and thin velvet without interfacing.

For the variation without pleats, you can, on the other hand, use a stiff contrast fabric (faux leather, vinyl, cork…), or a fabric with a directional print. In the versions of this variation in the pictures below, I used faux leather (without interfacing) and quilting cotton interfaced twice with Vilene G700 (2nd layer without seam allowances).

Video tutorial for Cancan pleats

The pleats of the Cancan bag are easy to make and fully explained in the pattern instructions. For an even easier understanding, I made a video tutorial that you can watch here (the audio is in French only).

Tuto vidéo plis sac Cancan Sacôtin
Cancan – Pleats video tutorial


Cancan faux leather and camo velvet

A Cancan size Small and a Cancan size Medium in camo velvet (not interfaced) and brown “Maltese” faux leather

Gussets embellishments : Chicago screws on the Medium size and “dog collar” screws on the Small size.

Cancan Small Liberty and cork

Cancan Small in Liberty Wiltshire Nausicaa cotton, interfaced once with Vilene G700, and red cork fabric.

There is no embellishment on the gusset but I cut the strap base in the contrast fabric (Liberty) instead of the red cork.

Cancan Small faux leather and thin velvet

Cancan Small in “Lalique” print thin velvet (not interfaced) and black “Maltese” faux leather.

Gusset embellishment : Chicago screws.

No pleats variations

Here are the variations without pleats, included in the pattern, for those who are not afraid of sewing curves.

Cancan Medium, variation without pleats, entirely in faux leather, not interfaced, with Chicago screws gusset embellishment.

Cancan Small, variation without pleats, faux leather and quilting cotton interfaced twice (2nd layer without seam allowances). 

Cancan bags worn

Click on the pictures to see them in full.

Some of your Cancan bags

These are the latest bags sewn by you, using the Cancan bag pattern.
View more here on Pinterest.

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  • Sac Cancan en simili, lin et galon de plume cousu par Nicole - Patron Sacôtin
  • ✃ BY NATH sur Instagram : Et voici un petit aperçu du sac Cancan porté (version small) que j'ai cousu ces derniers jours. Encore un très beau modèle @patrons_sacotin…
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  • Sac Cancan en jean et rose vif cousu par Lucile - Patron Sacôtin
  • Sac Cancan simili et fleurs cousu par Agnés - Patron Sacôtin
  • Sac Cancan en laine bouillie bordeau et liège luxe cousu par Martine - Patron Sacôtin
  • Sac Cancan noir et jaune cousu par Emilie - Patron Sacôtin
  • Sac Cancan en suédine et tissé imprimé cousu par Magali - Patron Sacotin
  • Sac Cancan en simili rouge et imprimé japonais cousu par Maryvonne - Patron Sacôtin
  • Sac Cancan en velours rose poudré et simili cuir Maltese cousu par Fabienne - Patron Sacôtin
  • Sac Cancan simili noir et imprimé cousu par Emilie - Patron Sacôtin
  • Sac Cancan small en simili et imprimé fleuri cousu par Roxane - Patron Sacôtin
  • Héloise Eldaril sur Instagram : Mon 1 et Cancan de #sacôtin Recto et Verso 🥰 Coupon d'écharpe #la_ruche_leora Cuir de buffle Lin enduit Et doublure avec un totbag…
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  • fab'rick'tou sur Instagram : J'ai craqué pour le dernier patron de Sacotin, Voici ma 1ere version !! Tout (tissus et bouclerie vient de LMC Super tuto comme d'habitude…
  • Sac Cancan en liège luxe et imprimé coton cousu par Céline - Patron Sacôtin
  • Sac Cancan en daim et simili cousu par Aurore - Patron Sacôtin
  • Sac Cancan en simili turquoise et coton printanier cousu par Clotilde - Patron Sacôtin
  • Sac Cancan fleuri et simili cousu par Cathycouture - Patron Sacôtin
  • Emilie M sur Instagram : Je vous présente "Cancan" un p'tit nouveau 😍 il arrive bientôt dans différents motifs et coloris 😉 Dispo à la boutique…


To the testers DreamTeam : Caro Folies de Cajumy, Chantal Chantal New Style, Cyrielle Les mains en l’air, Dado Dado Créa, Evelyne l’Atelier d’EveJulia J. l’Atelier 24, Manu Les Créas d’Ema, Marion Mes CreAJe, Nicole L’atelier d’Au, Rozenn Petit monde de RozennSandrine SB créations, Sophie Epik and Laurence and Guylaine La Mercerie des Créateurs.

Thanks also to Maria aka Velosews for proofreading the English version of the instructions and to Carine, Noryanne and Siloë for modeling for the pictures.

Buy the Cancan bag pattern

You can buy the pattern in the shop.

Necessary supplies are listed on the “supplies” tabs.

This pattern is available as a downloadable pdf only. Help page.

Patron sac Cancan Sacôtin
Patron sac Cancan Sacôtin
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