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Clutch wrist strap {Tutorial}

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Very easy and quick, here’s a tutorial to sew a removable wrist strap for your clutch bags.

You don’t have a clutch ?… A Sacôtin surprise awaits you tomorrow!

Clutch wrist strap tutorial


  • Bias binding 2 cm (6/8″) wide and 40 cm (16″) long.
  • 1 small lobster clasp, width of the clasp base 1 cm (3/8″).
Fournitures pour coudre une dragonne
Supplies to sew a removable wrist strap

You can swap the bias for a strip of fabric 40 cm long by 4 cm wide, that you will fold and press in the manner of a bias.

Removable wrist strap tutorial

1- Feed the bias through the base of the lobster clasp.

Glisser le biais dans l'anneau
Feed the bias through the ring

2- Unfold the 2 ends of the bias, and pin them right sides together.

Epingler les extrémités
Pin the ends together

3- Stitch to join the ends.

Fermer la bande
Stitch to create a loop

4- Press seam open.

Ouvrir la couture
Press seam open

5- Fold bias completely.

Plier le biais
Fold bias

It’s time to check if the size of the strap fits you. If you find it too long, reopen ends and stitch again with a bigger seam allowance.

6- Stitch the open edge to close the strap.

Piquer le bord ouvert
Stitch the open edge

You can also stitch the other side for symmetry.

7- With a zipper foot, stitch as close to the base of the clasp as possible, through all thicknesses.

Piquer aussi près de l'anneau que possible
Stitch as close to the ring as possible

Optional : you can install a rivet to further secure the wrist strap and to add a professional touch.

Optionnel : ajoutez un rivet
Optional : install a rivet

Voilà, just attach the lobster clasp to your clutch.

Come back tomorrow for a surprise !

(And yes, it’s a free clutch pattern…)

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