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{Tutorial} How to turn a strap inside out

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Here is a tutorial on how to easily turn a long tube of fabric inside out, such as a shoulder strap.

You will need a rattail and a wooden spoon… I assure you, we will not concoct a strange potion but turn a shoulder strap inside out without pulling our hair out.


In addition to the two strips of fabric that will form the strap you will need:

  • 1 ribbon, cord, rattail,… at least as long as your shoulder strap
  • 1 wooden spoon (or anything long and not sharp)
Fournitures : ruban et cuillère en bois
Supplies : ribbon and wooden spoon

How to turn a strap inside out tutorial

1. Attach the ribbon

Sew one end of the ribbon to the right side and middle of one end of a fabric strip. Sew within the seam allowance.

Coudre le ruban sur l'endroit d'une extrémité d'une bande
Sew the ribbon to the right side of a fabric strip end

2. Sew the strap

Place your strips right sides together.
Stitch one long edge, pulling the ribbon out of the way so that it doesn’t get caught in the stitching line.

Assembler un côté sans prendre le ruban dans la couture
Stitch one side without catching the ribbon in the stitching line

Lay the ribbon flat between the two strips.
Stitch the other long edge.
The ribbon should be between the two layers of fabric.

Placer le ruban à plat entre les bandes
Lay the ribbon flat

Be careful again not to catch it in stitching line: as you sew make sure to push the ribbon toward the opposite side.

Repoussez le ruban loin de la couture en cours au fur et à mesure
Push the ribbon away from the side your are sewing as you go
Les deux côtés de la bandoulière sont cousus
The two sides of the strap are sewn

Close the strap end to which the ribbon is attached, back stitch at the beginning and end.

Stitch a second time right over the first line.

This seam must be strong : we will pull at it in the next step !

Leave the other short end open.

Fermer l'extrémité où est attaché le ruban - Laisser l'autre ouverte
Close the short end of the strap to which the ribbon is sewn – Leave the other end open

3. Turn the strap inside out

Take your wooden spoon and with its handle, push  at least 4-5 cm (2″) of the closed end inside the strap.

Enfoncer l'extrémité fermée de la bandoulière avec le manche d'une cuillère
Push the closed end inside the strap with the spoon handle

Take the spoon out.

Catch the end of the ribbon with one hand and pull, while sliding the strap in the other direction with the other hand.

Tirer sur le ruban dans un sens tout en faisant glisser la bandoulière dans l'autre sens
Pull the tape in one direction  while sliding the strap in the other direction

Voilà ! You’ve turned the strap inside out ! Just close the remaining open end, folding in the seam allowance, and cut the ribbon.

Une bandoulière retournée et j'ai encore tous mes cheveux sur ma tête !
The shoulder strap is turned inside out and I still have all of my hair on my head !
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