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{Flo} Faux leather bag pattern

Patron sac simili cuir - Flo
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Sacôtin’s new bag pattern is here ! Please welcome Flo.

Flo was specifically designed to be sewn using faux leather. 

{Release special offer}

To celebrate Flo’s release, the pattern will be available at 4,90 € instead of 5,50 € until Monday, Octobre 21th 2013. You don’t need any discount code, the special release price will be applied automatically.

{Flo} Faux leather bag pattern

Flo’s clean lines are perfect for a first use of faux leather and the instructions include a page where you’ll find techniques and tips to sew faux leather.

And because we like pretty details, Flo’s urban silhouette is embellished by contrasting touches on the bag body and strap. 

Speaking of the strap, its length is adjustable, so the bag can be worn over the shoulder or across the chest.

The pattern includes 2 versions :

  • Version 1 : bag closed by a magnetic snap, this is the easiest version.
  • Version 2 : bag closed by a recessed zipper.
Sac en simili cuir Flo
Flo faux leather bag pattern
Sac Flo version 2
Flo version 2
Sac Flo bandoulière ajustable
Adjustable strap
Sac Flo version 2 fermeture zippée
Sac Flo version 2 – Recessed zipper
Sac Flo Version 1 - Photo par l'atelier de Virginie
Sac Flo Version 1 – Photo by l’atelier de Virginie F.
Two inside pockets: one patch pocket trimmed with faux leather and a zippered pocket.
Sac Flo Version 1 - Photo par l'atelier de Virginie
Sac Flo Version 1 – Poche plaquée – Photo by l’Atelier de Virginie F.
Sac Flo poche zippée
Lining zippered pocket
Optional: semi rigid bottom and bag feet. This step, included in the instructions, is not essential to the construction of the bag but it will add a sophisticated touch and enhance the silhouette of the bag.
Fond semi rigide et pieds de sac optionnels
Optional bag bottom and feet
Flo’s dimensions are : width 30 cm (12″), height 34 cm (13″ 1/2), depth 10 cm (4″).
Sac Flo porté
Flo bag worn by Carine
Sac Flo porté
Flo bag worn by Carine
Sac Flo porté
Flo bag worn by Carine

Instructions and pattern

The Flo pattern instructions are 23 pages long, including 6 pages for the full size pattern pieces. As all Sacôtin pattern instructions, they are very detailed, illustrated and include links to tutorials.

In the PDF file you’ll find :

  • Detailled and illustrated sewing instructions
  • Full size pattern pieces
  • Needed supplies
  • Instructions to assemble the pattern
  • Cutting layout
  • A sewing lexicon
  • sewing faux leather guide


Supplies Flo bag

Your bags

Here are some of the bags, sewn by you, using the Flo bag pattern.

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  • L'#amour , l'Amour, l'Amour... 💘  Pour fêter cette belle journée, un #amoureux très attentionné m'a chargée de confectionner un #sacamain pour sa chère et tendre. Page blanche pour le choix des dimensions, forme et couleurs.  Pour cette maman active, j'ai réalisé un sac Flo de la marque #sacotin , en coloris bleu canard assorti d'une doublure aux motifs géométriques féminins.
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  • Sac Flo cousu par Annie
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  • Sac Flo cousu par Nadia
  • Sac Flo cousu par Christine
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Sacôtin patterns are always tested by several seamstresses before their release to ensure clear instructions and a perfect pattern.

This is the All-Stars sewing team that tested the Flo bag pattern :

Thanks to Anne Petits pois sontCyrielle Moonlight Thread,  Laurianne Boudoir de LaurianneLilou  Lilou pour L.O’Kryn O’Kryn ProdSandrine SB créationsVirginie l’Atelier de Virginie F. !

A huge merci to Maria aka Velosewer for proofreading the English version of the instructions.

♥ Un grand merci à vous toutes ♥ 

Buy the Flo bag pattern

Bag pattern available as downloadable pdf only. FAQ

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Patron sac simili cuir - Flo

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