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{Tutorial} Installing a Magnetic Snap

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A very simple way to add a closure to your purse is to use a magnetic snap. So here is a “magnetic snap tutorial” to guide you step by step on how to install this type of closure.

This is a tutorial you might need to sew the next Sacôtin pattern… I’m just saying…

Magnetic snap tutorial

The snap comes in four pieces: a male part, a female part and two washers. Magnetic snaps come in various sizes and finishes.

The 2 parts of the snap should be installed before sewing any assembly seam.

En haut à gauche : partie mâle - En haut à droite : partie femelle - En bas : les 2 rondelles
Upper left : male – Upper right : female – lower row : 2 washers


To make your fabric more resistant to the pulling it will be submitted to when opening the magnetic button, fuse a small square of stabilizer (5 cm x 5 cm / 2″ x 2″) over the two areas where you’ll install the 2 halves of the magnetic  closure. You’ll fuse your interfacing on the wrong side of your fabric.

Thermocollez de l'entoilage sur l'envers de votre tissu, là où sera fixé le fermoir magnétique.
Fuse interfacing on the wrong side of the fabric where the magnetic snap halves will be installed.


Using your pattern, transfer the snap placement marking to the wrong side of your fabric.

Marquer l'emplacement du fermoir
Transfer the snap placement marking

Place a washer over your marking, centering the hole on the intersection of the cross.

Centrez la rondelle sur la croix
Center the washer over the cross

Mark the two notches.

Faites une marque dans chaque encoche.
Mark each notch.


Using your seam ripper, carefully and gently nick through the two notches.

Entaillez les encoches
cut through the 2 markings


Take the male part of the snap and slide its prongs through the notches, toward the wrong side of your fabric.

Insérez les pattes de la partie mâle - vue de l'envers
Insert the prongs – wrong side
Insérez les pattes de la partie mâle - vue de l'endroit
Insert the prongs – right side


To further reinforce the area and protect your fabric from the metallic friction, add a little piece of fleece (or batting), sliding it through the prongs.

Glissez un morceau de polaire à travers les pattes
Slide a piece of fleece through the prongs


Slide the washer through the prongs, over the fleece.

Glissez la rondelle en place
Slide the washer in place

Fold the prongs toward the center.

Repliez les pattes pour fixer en place
Fold the prongs to secure the half-snap.

Repeat the process with the other piece of fabric, the female part of the snap and the remaining washer.

tuto fermoir magnetique13
The female part (left) and male part (right) of the magnetic closure are installed

Voilà you’ve just installed a magnetic snap ! Easy, n’est-ce pas ?



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3 thoughts on “{Tutorial} Installing a Magnetic Snap

  1. Apnaerptly this is what the esteemed Willis was talkin’ ’bout.

  2. What a lovely clear tutorial, thank you.

  3. This tutorial was perfect for a new project I was working on. The picture were very helpful and instructions were very clear.

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