Patron Annie Variante #2

{Annie} Bag pattern – variation #2

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This is variation #2 for the “Annie” bag pattern. The first variation is here.

Like variation #1, this variation also lowers the difficulty of the pattern but preserves a contrasting yoke.

Annie bag pattern : variation #2

Altering the pattern to get this version of Annie is really easy  :

Instead of using A and B pattern pieces to sew the exterior of the bag, use E and C : the lining pieces.


Put A and B aside, you won’t need them.

Cut “C”

  • 4 times in contrast fabric (instead of 2 as instructed)

Cut “E” :

  • twice in lining fabric (as instructed)
  • twice in main (exterior) fabric


Following the sewing and interfacing instructions, each time :

  • “A” is mentioned, substitute “E” in main fabric.
  • “B” is mentioned, substitute “C”.

At the “Bag body and yoke” step, skip points 1 to 5 and simply pin C to E, right sides together, aligning E upper edge with C straight long edge. Stitch and go on with the instructions.

Here is the result :

Variation #2

Variation #2

Fermeture éclair en retrait

Recessed zipper

« Valentina – Celebration » de la créatrice Valentina Ramos pour Robert Kaufman.

Fabric : « Valentina – Celebration » by Valentina Ramos for Robert Kaufman.


Poche intérieur plaquée

Patch pocket

Poche intérieure zippée

Zippered pocket

Patron Annie Variante #2

Annie bag pattern Variation #2

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