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{Carioca} Compartmentalized and zippered city bag pattern

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Carioca is the 40th Sacôtin pattern!

With handles and removable strap, Carioca is an elegant compartmentalized and zippered city bag.

The pattern includes 2 sizes.

The Carioca pattern is supplied with a additional projector-friendly file.

Carioca, a compartmentalized and zippered city bag pattern.

Carioca, a compartmentalized bag pattern

Your items will be easily organized into Carioca, thanks to its 3 inside pockets : one patch, one zippered and one central zippered divider pocket which compartmentalizes the inside of the bag!

Carioca has handles and removable strap

Carioca has both handles and a removable adjustable strap which allows to wear it either over the shoulder or across the body! (see photos of the bag worn below).

Carioca in 2 sizes !

The pattern includes 2 sizes : Small a compact city bag that will suit most women and Medium a larger bag intended for the Mary Poppins among us.

The photos of the 2 Carioca sizes worn by Sandra (below) will help you visualize the dimensions.

  • Carioca Small : width 28 cm (11″) x height 20 cm (7 7/8″) x depth 12 cm (4 3/4″).
  • Carioca Medium : width 35 cm (13 3/4″) x height 25 cm (9 7/8″) x depth 14 cm (5 1/2″).
Patron sacs compartimentés 2 tailles -Carioca Sacôtin
Carioca : compartmentalized bag in 2 sizes


Carioca Medium

  • Fabric: Lounge Wine vinyl (no interfacing).
  • Contrast fabric: “Sysal” canvas in old pink, interfaced with Vlieseline/Vilene G700.
  • Lining: “Myosotis” cotton in kaki.

I installed bag feet and an ultra firm stabiliser bag bottom and further reinforced the stabiliser with flexible foam (see tip on page 22 of the PDF).

As the Lounge Wine vinyl is thick (fleece on the wrong side), if using it, I advise either opting for double-sided handles and shoulder strap to reduce the thickness (see the two-tone or double-sided strap Tutorial), or using rivets to attach the handles (you can combine both solutions 🙂 ).

Patron sac compartimenté - Medium -Carioca Sacôtin
Compartmentalized bag pattern – Carioca Medium Sacôtin

Carioca Small

  • Fabric: Soft Galuchat faux leather in plum (no interfacing).
  • Contrast fabric: Sybil cotton, in eggplant color. I interfaced this cotton twice with Vlieseline/Vilene G700. I trimmed the seam allowance of 2nd layer of interfacing and applied it over the 1st layer, once it was cold. 
  • Lining: Sybil cotton, in eggplant color and Terra violet by Norman WyattJR / Art in motion for P&B textiles. 

The Soft Galuchat faux leather being thick, and to echo the front of the bag, I made double-sided handles and strap.  If you wish to do the same, you can follow the two-tone or double-sided strap Tutorial.

Patron sac compartimenté - Small -Carioca Sacôtin
Compartmentalized bag pattern – Carioca Small Sacôtin

Some of your Carioca bags

These are the latest bags sewn by you, using the Carioca pattern.
You can view more here on Pinterest.

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Thanks to the pattern testers DreamTeam !

Thanks to Amélie Filauchette, Annie Valencroix, Camille Camille M’craftCaro Folies de CajumyChantal Chantal New Style, Cyrielle Les mains en l’airEvelyne l’Atelier d’EveJulia J. Atelier 24, Manu Les Créas d’Ema, Marion Mes CreAJe, Nicole L’atelier d’AuO’Kryn O’Kryn ProdRozenn Petit monde de RozennSophie Epik and Laurence, Guylaine and Anne from La Mercerie des Créateurs.

Thanks also to Maria aka Velosews for proofreading the English version of the instructions, and to Sandra for modelling for the pics.

Buy the Carioca bag pattern !

You can buy the Carioca pattern in the shop.

Needed supplies are listed there.

This pattern is available as a downloadable pdf only. Help page.

Compartmentalized bag pattern – Carioca Sacôtin
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